About NHAA

NHAA was formed after it's chairperson Iram had been training to be a Homeopath and while working in the voluntary sector, found that there was a much needed awareness for the physical and mental well-being of people, using natural and holistic therapies and remedies. There has been a lot of negative publicity about using Herbal remedies. This has no basis, otherwise the centuries old medicines and remedies would not have survived to this day. NHAA is an organisation driven by its' users, is non-political and aims to serve across a wide range of ages in diverse communities.
NHAA was launched in September 2004 by the then Mayor of the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames, Cllr Ed Naylor. It was well attended by representatives of the major local organisations within the voluntary sector, local government officials and the public health sector. John Azah, Director of Kingston Racial Equality Council (KREC), was instrumental in providing initial help in setting up the organisation, under KREC's community development support programme. KREC still provides support to this day.  
Kingston Voluntary Action also provided support in NHAA's first year. We continue to use the services that they provide to the whole of the Voluntary Sector, as and when needed.  
Kingston Council has been very supportive of our work in the last 2 years, providing us with some financial help, in the form of grants, so that our work can be sustained and developed. This initial grant, owever small, is useful so that the organisation can work on building a solid foundation from which other natural health elated projects can be launched and funding sought for them from other sources.  

We have listed below a number of organisations that NHAA has worked with. This is by no means a definitive list and is not in any specific order.

Kingston Racial Equality Council (KREC)
Refugee Action Kingston (RAK)
Ethnic Minorities Advocacy Group (EMAG)
Kingston Centre for Independent Living (KCIL)
Cambridge Action Project (CAP)

worked with SKEIN

We would like to thank these and other organisations that have worked with us to provide workshops and supported us at events and whose users have reaped the benefits of using Natural therapies.  
The practitioners helping us in the workshops and seminars believe in the ethos of the project and the need to make people aware of the alternative ways to make one's health better (well-being ?).  
If you are an organisation reading this or know of an organisation who can support our work, pleast get in touch with us.  
If you would like to donate to the running of the charity or towards the cost of printing the newsletter, please get in touch with us.  
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